The Lighter Take Menu

Guaranteed to Satisfy

Our chefs don’t compromise. They cook.

Great food is why we exist. So when our chefs decided to create lighter versions of our Italian classics without reducing portions, they approached the challenge the same way they always do. They started cooking. They experimented with new ingredients and new techniques until they found flavors that satisfy even the toughest critics. Read on to learn the story behind each dish. And how we proved to ourselves that the Lighter Take menu lives up to the name Maggiano’s — guaranteed to satisfy, or it’s on us!

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We believe in it so much,
we took our name off it.

We wanted to get an honest reaction to the menu without the benefit of our name. So we didn’t debut Lighter Take dishes at a Maggiano’s. Instead, we staged the opening of an independent restaurant in the downtown Chicago neighborhood of Wicker Park, just blocks from the very first Maggiano’s.

  • Venire A Luce Restaurant
  • Venire A Luce Restaurant
  • Venire A Luce Restaurant

We introduced a new restaurant that wasn’t new at all.

We named the restaurant Venire a Luce, which translates as Come to Light. And we located it in a city where people love Maggiano’s and are passionate about Italian food. Throughout the night, waiters swept in and out of the kitchen, bringing guests their food – with no indication that they were lighter versions of classic Maggiano’s entrees, prepared with fresh ingredients from the Maggiano’s scratch kitchen just a few blocks away.

Revealing the truth behind Venire a Luce.

Throughout the night, we got personal reactions to every dish. And after dinner, we let our guests in on a little secret. They met the real people behind the Lighter Take Menu – Maggiano’s Culinary Innovation Chefs Keith Brunell and Jeff Mann.

  • Venire a Luce Behind the Scenes
  • Venire a Luce Behind the Scenes
  • Venire a Luce Behind the Scenes
  • Venire a Luce Behind the Scenes
  • Venire a Luce Behind the Scenes
  • Venire a Luce Behind the Scenes
Venire a Luce Reaction

Watch the video to see reactions to the food, the menu, and a night at a brand new restaurant that wasn’t actually new at all.

Watch what happened

Ever listened to chefs talk about food?

They love it. They live it. It’s their canvas and their paint. This video will give you insight into the creation of the Lighter Take Menu from the people behind it, Maggiano’s Culinary Innovation Chefs Keith Brunell and Jeff Mann.

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